About Healthcare Clarity

Healthcare Clarity is dedicated to providing first class private health insurance advice for our clients, and finding the best policies for their needs without fuss.

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Benefits Healthcare Clarity

What Do We Do at
Healthcare Clarity?

Healthcare Clarity is a private medical insurance (PMI) broker. We believe that there is no room for error when searching for a health insurance policy, and as well as comparing all UK providers to find competitive prices, we ensure you receive the best advice. This can help our customers make the most informed decisions every step of the way. You don’t have to be a Healthcare Clarity client to benefit from our free expert advice either. If you have any questions or concerns about a new or existing policy, just give us a call. We take the time to thoroughly investigate every possible option, and you might be surprised by what we find for you.

Why Should You Make Healthcare Clarity Your Health Insurance Broker?

Health Insurance Experts

We know the market inside out and will give the best advice in any situation.​

Free service

The service we provide is completely FREE, and you are under no obligation to act on the quotes we provide.

Award-winning panel of insurers

We work with an award-winning panel of insurers, giving us access to competitive deals.

Qualified advisors

Our IF7 accredited health insurance brokers have many years of experience in the industry.

No call centres

We are one team of dedicated experts, so you’ll never be passed between departments.

Ongoing support

The Healthcare Clarity team is here to offer support and assistance all year round.

Which Insurers Do Healthcare Clarity Work With?

We work with every health insurance provider in the UK, giving us access to every available policy. These include the following companies:

Meet Our Team

Learn about the people behind Healthcare Clarity and why they’re perfectly placed to deal with all your health insurance needs.

Kyle Godden


Kyle Godden Director at Healthcare Clarity

Kyle first became interested in private medical insurance in 2014, after waiting over a year on an NHS waiting list to be treated for a back complaint. This means he has a first-hand understanding of a client’s reasons for taking out insurance, as well as their needs and concerns.

His main focus now is the day to day running of the business whilst still maintaining relationships with his personal clients. He is also working closely with Ben Michael (Head of Business Development) to grow the SME book of business as this is an area of the market where we have identified our brand of advice can make a real difference and achieve some really good savings for companies and offering sound advice on how to manage their company PMI.

Niall Scott


Niall Scott Director at Healthcare Clarity

Niall co-founded Healthcare Clarity, he comes from a family with a background in medicine. Years of conversation and debate about the state of the NHS convinced him that private medical insurance was essential for taking the strain off our increasingly stretched health service.

He is currently leading the claims effort for the business and overseeing the compliance aspect of the company. You will most likely find him speaking with clients assisting them with complex claims and ensuring that they get a first class service throughout whilst training the next generation of HCC staff.

Andrew Lawson

Sales Director
Andrew Lawson

Andrew became a Director after proving himself as one of the most experienced private medical advisors we had ever met. With almost a decade of experience in the industry, he previously worked for one of the largest medical insurers in the UK, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the Healthcare Clarity team.

He is passionate about the sector and he is responsible for not only assisting his own clients but ensuring the standards across the company are in line with his own. 

Richard Rose

Lead Generation Manager

Richard has over 8 years’ experience in the PMI industry. 

He has a solid background in training newer members of staff in how to identify opportunities when speaking to client’s and making sure to keep the conversations relevant to the client’s needs and concerns.

He is an excellent communicator and takes pride in getting his team to look after our clients in a professional way from first contact.

Charmaine Buckland

Compliance Manager


Charmaine has been working in the PMI industry for 5 years, she started as an advisor and then moved into client retentions and claims handling before moving onto compliance at the request of management.

She has always been passionate about cementing client relationships and ensuring their requirements are understood. She takes pride in exploring all private health insurance options and goes the extra mile to ensure all client needs are met.

She uses all of her experience to ensure the advisors on the phone keep to Healthcare Clarity’s strict code of ethics and is key to resolving any issues before they happen.

Ben Michael

Head of Business Development

Ben has a background in customer relationships and has started a number of his own businesses in the past whilst living and working in Dubai.

Since his return back to the UK in January 2021 he has been instrumental in helping to grow Healthcare Clarity’s book of SME business. He is regularly out (COVID permitting) visiting clients and making connections, ensuring that all of our SME clients’ needs are well looked after and they are getting the regular reviews that their growing businesses need.

Thomas Critchley

PMI Specialist Advisor

Thomas joined the team in September 2019, he comes from a medical background having worked in care for eight years.

He likes to get to know each client he bring onboard, this way he knows excatly what their needs are down to the fine details. He has proven himself over the last year to be an excellent advisor. 

Robert Brown

PMI Specialist Advisor

Robert came to Healthcare Clarity having worked with Kyle many years previously. He has a background in advised financial services having previously worked for a large life insurance broker.

Since joining Healthcare Clarity he has really taken to our brand of advice and is now an essential member of the team. He won employee of the month for the first 3 months he was here, largely down to his work ethic and clear ability to listen effectively and come up with the right solution at first ask.

Philip Sampson

PMI Specialist Renewal Advisor

Philip comes to Healthcare Clarity having worked in the industry over the last decade in many different roles for both major insurers and brokers alike.

He has a wealth of medical knowledge and has a strong background in claims and claim assistance. His background is ideally suited to look after our existing clients needs each year at renewal. If there is a better option out there for you or an angle no-one else has thought to consider he will find it for you

Charlotte Godden



Charlotte has been with Healthcare Clarity from day one she completed her IF7 in 2019 and has always worked in roles that required her to quickly understand people and their needs.

She initially started as a trainee advisor before moving onto advisor and now works from home as a member of our compliance team having recently come back from maternity leave following the birth of her first child Joseph.

Wayne King

Senior PMI Specialist

Wayne is a great conversationalist, he thrives on speaking to prospective new clients and identifying those how we can really help. He has worked in the past for one of the largest insurers in the market directly and has a good deal of knowledge about PMI in general.

He is well mannered and a true family man, and excellent asset to the business and someone who his colleagues look too when they need a pick up.

Eloise King

PMI Specialist

Arash Karimi

PMI Specialist

Sonia Jones


* Findings are based on 49 clients, over the last 3 months who already had a live policy in place.