Man using GP video app

More men are opting for virtual GP appointments

Recent analysis of data from the Vitality Health GP app, shows that men are making 9% more video GP appointments, than women. In comparison men make 10% less NHS face-to-face GP appointments, compared to women. Suggesting that men prefer video and phone GP consultations.

Research conducted by the University of Exeter, shed some light on the reasoning behind this.

  • Difficulty in making an appointment outside working hours
  • Loss of earnings
  • Many men felt the surgery atmosphere was too feminine, and was designed to meet the needs of women and children
  • Attitude and social expectation of how men should act when ill

Advancements in technology are increasing the ease, convenience and practicality, of everyday to do’s like attending a GP appointment. Vitality are the first and to our knowledge the only UK health insurer that offers, every UK member access to a video-based GP consultation with every health insurance plan.


The Vitality GP app gives you access to four GP video consultations each plan year, as well as 24/7 GP telephone advice. They also aim to make long waiting lists for a GP a thing of past by providing a video consultation within 48 hours, including evenings and Saturday mornings.


If you are interested in exploring a health insurance plan that provides you with private GP access, then get in touch by calling 01242 350071.

Sources: and University of Exeter

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