Health Insurance and Cancer Cover

Cancer cover is now available with most providers to what we consider to be a high standard.

Understandably cancer cover is a hot topic with most clients. It is probably the biggest medical issue most of us are every likely to face.

Within this guide you should find information about the types of cover on offer and the benefits of having cancer cover vs relying on the NHS.

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What is cancer cover?

Private medical insurance provides you with access to cutting-edge cancer treatment. These can include drugs and procedures that may not be available on the NHS due to cost. Following a diagnosis, you have the option to choose your desired hospital – either private or NHS and a preferred consultant.


  • Access to cancer drugs and treatments that are not available on the NHS
  • The flexibility to be treated in an NHS Hospital, plus receive NHS Cash Benefit
  • Most insurers provide you with the option to have chemotherapy in the comfort of your own home rather than in hospital
  • Many provide a cash benefit contribution towards Wigs and Prostheses that are required as a result of cancer treatment or surgery
  • Donations to a Hospice should you need to stay in one to receive palliative care
  • Home nursing for a certain period of time, this means that a dedicated private nurse will come to your home to check on you during treatment
  • Monitoring Cancer when you are in remission
  • Control of cancer with drug and hormone therapy
  • End of life palliative care

It is important to seek advice to truly understand what happens at the point of a cancer diagnosis with your policy in place? 

  • Does your provider offer at home chemotherapy treatment? 
  • Is your provider offering access to biological therapies? 
  • Are you covered for experimental treatments? 

These are all questions worth taking time to get answered properly so that you fully understand your position and what you are paying for. 

Everybody has different concerns and their own reason for wanting healthcare cover. Without speaking to a health insurance specialist, it can be a gamble as to whether or not you are getting the right policy for your needs.