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Aviva Health Insurance Overview

AVIVA was created from the merger of Norwich Union and CGU PLC in 2000. They are a global company offering a range of insurance products, from car insurance to private health insurance and business health insurance.

They have won numerous awards for individual health insurance plans and corporate health insurance over the years and are Defaqto 5* rated insurer.

Health Insurance Awards

Moneyfacts - Commended for Best Medical Insurance Provider (2019)
Health Insurance & Protection Awards - Health Insurance Company of the Year (2018)
Health Insurance & Protection Awards – Best Customer Service (2018)
Health Insurance & Protection Awards – Best Individual PMI Provider (2018)
Moneyfacts – Best Healthcare Services (2018)
Healthier Solutions 5* Defaqto Star Rated

Aviva Health Insurance Review

The number of medical insurance companies worth considering can be overwhelming. To help you out, here are some of the things that make AVIVA stand out as a big-name insurance provider:

  • AVIVA have a choice of 4 different hospital lists, which gives the flexibility to meet individual budgets and needs.
  • AVIVA tend to be competitive in certain areas of the UK, such as Scotland and Northern Ireland, as they have a specialist hospital list designed especially for these areas.
  • You can choose to protect your no claims discount.
  • There are many levels of outpatient cover to suit all budgets. When selecting a limited outpatient cover with AVIVA, it is important to be aware that your excess (if you have opted for one) will erode your outpatient treatment or outpatient care limit.
  • With your AVIVA private health insurance policy, you will have access to a private GP via a digital app for expert advice and video consultations.

Like many other health insurance specialists, there are particular points to keep in mind before deciding if a company or policy is perfect for you. Healthcare Clarity found the following as the most notable for AVIVA:

  • If you have claimed in the last 24 months and are looking to switch your health insurance policy to AVIVA, you’re likely to expect less competitive prices in this instance.
  • If you live in or around London, the pricing for Top London hospitals can often be much higher than other providers.
  • If you limit the outpatient cover, you are also limiting outpatient diagnostic tests and scans that are not MRI, CT or PET scans, such as blood tests or x-rays, for example.

Choosing the right medical underwriting is hugely important, as it can impact the potential exclusions applied to your private medical insurance. In a nutshell, underwriting determines how much of your medical history youll disclose to your insurer and how it is used to select exclusions. Hence, we cannot stress enough how crucial it is to get professional advice before you make a decision.

We offer free, expert, independent advice here at Healthcare Clarity. Well be totally transparent, but you have no obligation to follow our recommendations.

Aviva Policies

Healthier Solutions is a modular private health insurance policy, meaning that you can add or remove various options to tailor the policy to suit your needs. This flexibility allows you to either enhance your levels of cover or adjust your policy to reduce insurance costs or the monthly premium.

Inpatient Cover

  • As part of the core cover, Inpatient (hospital stays) and Day Patient (emergency treatment or visits) is covered in full, including teeth surgery. You will also enjoy a limited optical benefit, wherein you would need to pay for excess for getting a contact lens or prescription eyeglasses. You will have to pay excess for a routine dentist treatment like the optical benefit, but AVIVA will cover £600 if you need accident-related dental treatment.

Outpatient Cover 

  • Unlike many other private healthcare insurers, Aviva offer Outpatient benefits in full, covering professional advice, diagnostic tests, consultations, minor procedures, and quicker care. You do, however, have the option to downgrade this level of cover. Ensure you evaluate your specific needs or seek honest advice from dedicated experts, such as the Healthcare Clarity Limited team, to understand how an outpatient cover impacts your access to high-quality healthcare services.

Additional Benefits

Apart from access to common benefits, your current health plan with AVIVA will also let you enjoy the following:

  • Gym Discount: Get up to 25% off gym memberships at a range of leading health clubs to ensure better health or proper functioning of the body and prevention of acute conditions.
  • Cancer Pledge: Offered in full as standard so that you can enjoy the support and access incentives for each stage of cancer, including diagnostic tests, chemotherapy treatment, and cutting-edge cancer treatment, even if you have no outpatient cover.
  • No Claims Discount: Get a no claims discount of up to 75% and the option to protect your NCD.
  • My Health Counts: Gives you the chance to receive up to 15% off your next renewal premium. The online health questionnaire gives personalised, expert advice on how to manage and improve your health.
  • Aviva Digital GP: Around-the-clock access or quick access to video consultations with an experienced team or NHS registered GP for a medical diagnosis, e-prescription, diagnostic tests request, or expert advice.
  • Customisable Plan: Options to add or remove particular private health insurance benefits or adjust levels of cover to tailor the healthcare plan to your needs and budget. 
  • Add Loved Ones: Ensures loved ones have access to quality health service when they need medical attention. With joint health insurance, you can add your partner to enjoy a lower annual premium than when both of you avail of individual health insurance policies. For family health insurance, you can also add your under-20 children to your medical care policy, requiring you to pay for your eldest instead of getting several child health insurance policies.

Current Plan Add-Ons

As mentioned, the company gives you the option to add certain covers to ensure you have a health insurance policy that meets your specific needs. The common options available as of writing this Aviva Health Insurance review are:

Mental Health Cover

Looking for a comprehensive health insurance coverage? Some health insurance providers might not have mental health cover, but AVIVA will cover up to £2,000 of your outpatient medical treatment needs. This mental health insurance also applies to day and in patients. AVIVA will take care of their 28-day nursing and hospital accommodation costs, as well as a fraction of the cost of healthcare treatment and specialist fees.

Specialist Treatments and Therapy

Depending on your medical history, AVIVA recognizes certain acute conditions that would require specialist treatments and therapies that plenty of health insurers don’t usually cover. Apart from the mental health insurance coverage, AVIVA gives you access to consultations and sessions with a chiropractor, osteopath, or acupuncturist.

However, this additional benefit has consultation or session limitations, which is 10 for every condition or combined acute conditions. Also, these procedures should be referred by your healthcare provider.

Lastly, AVIVA will also pay for a maximum of £100 for every eligible GP surgery that you need to undergo.

Customer Service

With the many options for medical insurance providers, evaluating the benefits of the current policies and additional covers they offer won’t be enough. When looking at the best options in the health insurance market, you will also want to check how they deal with and value their clients.

  • Qualified Advisors: AVIVA has a team of insurance advisors with significant industry experience who will explain every private health insurance options they offer. They will also discuss coverage requirements, such as age restrictions and health requirements, and private health cover. This way, you can easily decide which is the perfect policy for you and your family.
  • Easy and Quick Access to Quote: When you’ve decided to avail yourself of AVIVA’s medical insurance policies, you can conveniently request a quote via their website. Simply fill out the correct form, and wait for your requested health insurance quote sent to your email. Nonetheless, you can talk to their qualified experts personally to learn about their competitive deals.
  • Several Contact Channels: As one of the multi-awarded medical insurance providers, AVIVA strive to establish and maintain good client relationships. For inquiries, complaints, and requests, you can enjoy the common options of calling them or sending them an email, as well as filling out their contact form.
  • Professional Support Team: AVIVA also assure that they have a support team with a background in customer relationships and a great deal of knowledge so that you’ll receive quality services. Additionally, you can fill out their complaints or compliment forms, signifying that they value client retentions.

Should You Choose AVIVA as Your Health Insurer?

To sum up, AVIVA has levels of Inpatient and Outpatient option availability, from individual to business policies and other insurance plans and is one of the largest award-winning panel of healthcare providers.

They are also composed of professionals with a decade of experience or more, ready to provide quality and personalised services. Plus, their policies will let individuals and couples access cutting-edge treatments, including cutting-edge cancer treatment, short-term medical emergencies, hospital stays, effective treatment, and digital consultations.

With all these considered, AVIVA is definitely among the best options for an insurer today. Whether they’re a better option than your current provider or as your first private insurer, seeking private health insurance advice is always recommended before making a final decision. Find an excellent advisor at Healthcare Clarity to help you out.

* Findings are based on 49 clients, over the last 3 months who already had a live policy in place.

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