Aviva Health Insurance

Aviva Health Insurance Overview

AVIVA was created from the merge of Norwich Union and CGU PLC in 2000. They are a global company offering a range of insurance products from car insurance to private health insurance.

They have won numerous awards when it comes to health insurance over the years and are Defaqto 5* rated insurer. 

Health Insurance Awards

Moneyfacts - Commended for Best Medical Insurance Provider (2019)
Health Insurance & Protection Awards - Health Insurance Company of the Year (2018)
Health Insurance & Protection Awards – Best Customer Service (2018)
Health Insurance & Protection Awards – Best Individual PMI Provider (2018)
Moneyfacts – Best Healthcare Services (2018)
Healthier Solutions 5* Defaqto Star Rated

Aviva Health Insurance Review

  • AVIVA have a choice of 4 different hospital lists, which gives for flexibility to meet individual budgets and needs.
  • AVIVA tend to be competitive in certain areas of the UK such as Scotland and Northern Ireland, as they have a specialist hospital lists designed especially for these areas.
  • You can choose to protect your no claims discount.
  • There are many levels of outpatient cover to suit all budgets. It is important to be aware when selecting a limited outpatient cover with AVIVA that your excess (if you have opted for one) will erode your outpatient limit.
  • With your AVIVA policy you will have access to a Private GP via a digital app.
  • If you have claimed in the last 24 months and are looking to switch your health insurance policy to AVIVA, pricing is likely to be less competitive in this instance.
  • If you live in or around London the pricing for Top London hospitals can often be much higher than other providers.
  • If you limit the outpatient cover you are also limiting outpatient diagnostics tests and scans that are not MRI, CT or PET scans, such as blood tests or x-rays for example.

Aviva Policies

Healthier Solutions is modular policy meaning that you can add or remove various options to tailor the policy to suit your needs. This flexibility allows you to either enhance your cover or adjust your policy to reduce the premium.

Inpatient Cover

  • As part of the core cover In Patient and Day Patient is covered in full.

Outpatient Cover 

  • Unlike many other insurers Aviva offer Outpatient in full. You do however have the option to downgrade this cover. 

Additional Benefits

  • Gym Discount – Get up to 25% off gym memberships at a range of leading health clubs.
  • Cancer Pledge – Offered in full as standard, even if you have no outpatient cover. 
  • No Claims Discount – Get a no claims discount of up to 75% and the option to protect your NCD.
  • My Health Counts – Gives you the chance to receive up to 15% off your next renewal premium. The online health questionnaire gives personalised advice on how to manage and improve your health. 
  • Aviva Digital GP – Around the clock access to video consultations with an NHS registered GP for a medical diagnosis, e-prescription or advice.
  • Customisable Plan – Options to add or remove to tailor the plan to your needs and budget. 

* Findings are based on 49 clients, over the last 3 months who already had a live policy in place.

Benefits Healthcare Clarity



Healthcare Clarity is an Aviva intermediary. We are authorised by the financial conduct authority (FCA) to give clients advise on private medical insurance plans. Our service is free to clients and we are paid a percentage commission on the business placed with the health insurer. This does not mean you will pay more by using our service.