AXA Health Insurance

AXA Healthcare was founded in 1940 as the Association for Hospital Services. In recent years AXA Health has grown to become one of the biggest private health insurance companies in the UK. In 2015, they acquired Simplyhealth and Permanent Health Company.

AXA Health also have a sister company called Health-on-Line that they own, underwrite, and operate.

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** a £50 voucher for M&S or John Lewis will be sent to you after switching to a policy we recommend once you paid your second monthly premium to your insurer.

AXA Health Insurance Policy Review

AXA’s Personal Health policy offers an extensive hospital network, including top London hospitals.

With each plan, there is a choice of two outpatient cover levels (standard or full). The standard option with this quality health insurance company offers a good saving without restricting scans and tests like some other UK health insurer’s.
Even when no outpatient cover is selected, they still cover MRI, CT, and PET scans as part of the core cover along with outpatient surgery.

Unlike some insurers, AXA Health offer child only cover.

Will allow overage dependants.

If you use your therapies benefit, this will not count as a claim and does not affect your No Claims Discount (NCD).

 AXA Health have a simple switch criterion, so if you are looking to switch health insurers cleanly without any medical exclusions, you need to answer “no” to the following questions:
    • Have you needed to see anyone for treatment or consultations in the last 12 months?
    • Do you have anything planned or pending to see someone in the future?
 If you have a heart condition and were unable to change insurers, AXA Health may be an option for you. As long as the condition is under control with medication and reviewed by your GP and not a cardiologist, then in most circumstances, you will be able to switch with no exclusions.

Things you may wish to consider

If you are looking for family cover and one or more members has had cancer treatment or follow-ups in the last five years before the join date, AXA will downgrade all members on the policy to NHS Cancer support. If you find yourself in this position, one solution is to split the policy up.

If you have made more than three claims in the last five years, you cannot switch to AXA Health.

AXA Health will load the members premium if, when joining AXA Health the client has had any of the following in the last five years:

    • Heart Conditions or Heart Problems
    • Strokes
    • Cancers
    • Diabetes
    • Mental Health Conditions

Loading on the premium for anyone who has used nicotine products within the last two years.

AXA Health Key Benefits


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AXA Personal Health Cover



In-patient and day patient treatment

Private hospital and day-patient unit fees paid in full at a facility in our Directory of Hospitals.

No yearly limit for fees from a specialist on our ‘fee approved’ list.

Hospital accommodation paid in full for one parent to stay with a child under 16 and up to £100 a night up to £500 a year for a parent to stay in a hotel nearby.

Treatment of cancer, including radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


Out-patient treatment 

No yearly limit for surgery.

CT, MRI and PET scans paid in full at a hospital or scanning centre in our Directory of Hospitals, when your specialist refers you.



Other benefits


Expert Help. Direct telephone access to our healthcare experts for you and your family.

Working Body. Access to a telephone consultation with a physiotherapist without the need to see your GP first. For members aged 18 or over.



Optional cover

Out-patient specialist consultations and diagnostic tests if you have an Out-patient Option.

Out-patient treatment fees with a physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncturist or homeopath if you have the Therapies Option.

In-patient, day-patient or out-patient mental health treatment if you have the Mental Health Option.

Cashback for dentist and opticians fees if you have the Dentist and Optician Cashback Option.

What isn't covered?

Like all private health insurance providers AXA Health provide cover for acute conditions rather than chronic ones.  What medical underwriting you choose will also influence what you are covered for. As standard, AXA don’t cover: 

AXA Health Claims Process

GP Consultation

When you’re experiencing symptoms or feeling unwell, the first thing you need to do is visit your GP to receive primary medical care. It includes the initial diagnosis and treatment of your symptoms or health condition.

Keep in mind that whatever your GP charges you, AXA won’t usually pay for them. If your GP decides that you need a specialist for further testing and treatment, they will write up a referral. They can indicate a specific physician, or you can ask for an open referral.

Before proceeding to the next step, note that AXA Health clients experiencing joint or muscle pains don’t necessarily need to visit their GP. They can contact AXA’s Working Body for a physiotherapist appointment.

Contact AXA Health

Whether or not your GP provided an open referral, you must get in touch with AXA via their contact telephone number, Text Relay, or online contact form. Their professional and friendly expert team will explain your insurance plan coverage and check if your policy recognises the specific specialist your GP prefers.

Remember that their benefits statements clearly explain that you will pay for all the costs when you receive treatment from a speciality doctor not recognised by your plan.

For open referrals, they will also set you an appointment with one of their recognised specialists to ensure you get coverage. You may also opt to use their Fast Track Appointments services, especially if your plan includes an outpatient option.

Get Treated

See the specialist on your day and time of appointment and get diagnosed and treated for your medical condition. AXA will then pay for services covered by your specific plan, and you would need to pay for anything not included in your cover. This is just how private health insurance work because every plan from every company comes with limits.

You would also need to contact AXA in case you need additional or repeated treatments and support, especially for major health issues.

AXA Health Underwriting

AXA offer two underwriting options on their health policies:

  • Full Medical Underwriting – where you disclose your medical history to AXA
  • Moratorium Underwriting –  doesn’t require you to declare your full medical history upfront. Instead, it excludes cover for any conditions for which you have had symptoms, advice or treatment during the past five years. 

Hospital List

There are over 250 hospitals on AXA’s list and more than 36,500 recognised consultants and other practitioners.