AXA PPP Health Insurance Overview

AXA PPP healthcare was founded in 1940 as the Association for Hospital Services. In recent years AXA PPP has grown to become one of the biggest health insurance companies in the UK. In 2015 they acquired Simplyhealth and Permanent Health Company.

AXA PPP also have a sister company called Health-on-Line who they own, underwrite and operate.

Health Insurance Awards

Moneyfacts - Highly Commended for Best Private Medical Insurance Provider (2019)
Health Insurance & Protection Awards - Health Insurance Provider of the year (2018)
Health Insurance & Protection Awards – Best Individual PMI Provider (2017)
Your Money Awards – Best Direct Healthcare Provider (2018)
Cover Excellence Awards – Best Group PMI (2018) Dafaqto 5* - Personal Health Policy

AXA PPP Health Insurance Review

  • AXA’s Personal Health policy as standard offers a very wide hospital network which includes top London hospitals.
  • With each plan there is a choice of two outpatient cover levels (standard or full). The standard option with this insurer offers a good saving without restricting scans and tests like some other UK health insurer’s.
  • Even when no outpatient cover is selected they still cover MRI, CT and PET scans as part of core cover along with outpatient surgery.
  • Unlike some insurers AXA PPP offer child only cover.
  • Will allow overage dependants.
  • If you use your therapies benefit, this will not count as a claim and does not affect your NCD.
  • AXA PPP have a simple switch criteria, so if you are looking to switch health insurers cleanly without any medical exclusions you need to answer “no” to the following questions:
     – Have you had a need to see anyone in the last 12 months for treatment or for consultations?  – Do you have anything planned or pending to see someone in the future?
  • If you have a heart condition and have been unable to change insurers, AXA PPP may be an option for you. As long as the condition is under control with medication and is reviewed by your GP and not a cardiologist, then in most circumstances you will be able to switch with no exclusions.
  • If you are looking for family cover and one or more members has had cancer treatment or follow ups, in the last 5 years prior to the join date. AXA will downgrade all members on the policy to NHS Cancer support. One solution if you find yourself in this position is to split the policy up.
  • If you have made more than 3 claims in the last 5 years you cannot switch to AXA PPP.
  • AXA PPP will load the members premium if when joining AXA PPP the client has had any of the following in the last 5 years; Heart Conditions or Heart Problems, Strokes, Cancers, Diabetes, or Mental Health conditions.
  • Loading on the premium for anyone who has used nicotine products within the last 2 years.

AXA PPP Policies

With Personal Health cover you’re seen and treated quickly when you’re ill. You see a consultant, rather than a junior doctor or registrar. You’re treated in a private hospital, or the private wing of an NHS hospital. And you have your treatment in comfort – usually your own room, an en-suite bathroom, and flexible visiting hours.

AXA’s Personal Health policy replaced the Health Select product a few years ago.

With Personal Health you get given the option to either choose from AXA PPP’s full directory of hospitals and specialists or you can opt for a lower monthly premium by choosing the “Guided Option“. The guided option means that you can use any specialist who is AXA preferred, and this choice is guided by AXA PPP at point of claim.

Inpatient Cover 

  • Full hospital fees including operating-theatre costs, nursing care, drugs and dressings, specialist fees, consultations, diagnostic tests, CT, MRI and PET scans and physiotherapy. Just use a hospital from the Directory of Hospitals. 

Outpatient Cover

  • CT, MRI and PET scans at a scanning centre or hospital from AXA’s Directory of Hospitals.
    Surgery – no yearly limit
    Options to add Standard Outpatient or Full Outpatient cover.

Guided Option

  • A choice of suitable specialists we’ve selected for you.
  • An appointment booking service for the specialists we’ve helped you choose.
  • Specialist treatment we’ve agreed with a provider we’ve helped you choose, paid in full.

Extended Cover Option

  • Cover when you use hospitals outside our Directory of Hospitals
  • Planned treatment overseas, up to the cost of the UK equivalent (when agreed by us in advance)
  • Cover for visits to a private GP for consultations up to £500 a year
  • Cover for using AXA PPP healthcare recognised specialists
  • Up to five consultations a year with a [email protected] GP

Additional Policy Options

  • GP Benefit – With Extended cover
  • Excess – £0 – £5,000
  • Mental Health – Optional add on 
  • Cancer Cover Options – Comprehensive Cancer Cover – In Full – (for any new cancer or recurring cancer since you have had the policy NOT Pre-existing Cancer)
    NHS Cancer Support – If you have NHS Cancer support, the treatment of cancer will not be paid for.
    Licensed cancer drug which the NHS will not pay for IS covered. The administration of the drug either in your home or in hospital IS covered
  • Six-week Option – Policy downgrade

The Inspire or PHC plan –  is a policy that has only been offered by AXA PPP over the last few years. For all intents and purposes, the policy is very similar to that of the personal health plan already outlined above. However the key difference is that the Inspire list is a limited hospital choice, this will only cover you at Spire hospitals in the UK.

If you are considering this option please make sure to check that you are happy with the local Spire facility and ensure that the hospital covers enough specialities so that at point of claim you have options.

Inpatient Cover 

  • Hospital charges, including operating theatre charges, accommodation, nursing care, drugs, and treatments.
  • Specialists’ fees.
  • Diagnostic tests when you’re referred by a specialist
  • No yearly limit for specialist referred surgery

Outpatient Cover

  • No yearly limit for surgery. Option to add Standard Outpatient or Full Outpatient cover

Optional Cover

  • Outpatient treatment, diagnostic test and CT, MRI and PET scans if you have an Out-patient Option.
  • Outpatient treatment fees with a physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncturist or homeopath if you have the Therapies Option.
  • Inpatient, day-patient or outpatient mental health. 
  • Cashback for dentist and opticians fees if you have the Dentist and Optician Cashback Option.

Additional Policy Options

  • Excess – £0 – £1,000
  • Six-week Option – Inspire Health Plan 6 
  • Cancer Cover Options – Comprehensive Cancer Cover – In Full – (for any new cancer or recurring cancer since you have had the policy NOT Pre-existing Cancer)
    NHS Cancer Support – If you have NHS Cancer support, the treatment of cancer will not be paid for.
    Licensed cancer drugs which the NHS will not pay for are covered. The administration of the drug either in your home or in hospital IS covered

Additional Benefits

  • Expert Help: AXA PPP healthcare’s direct telephone helplines giving you access to healthcare experts for you and your family. 
  • Cash payment: When receiving free inpatient treatment under the NHS. Receive £50 a night up to £2,000 a year.
  • Oral Surgury: Paid in full as long as you use a facility that we have an agreement with covering oral surgery.
  • Working Body: If you experience muscle, bone or joint pain, you can speak to a physiotherapist over the phone without the need to see a GP first. The physiotherapist will listen to their concerns and advise the most appropriate treatment for them. Please note: to use this service members will need to be aged 18 or over

* Findings are based on 49 clients, over the last 3 months who already had a live policy in place.

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