AXA Health Insurance Policy Review

AXA Health’s Personal Health policy is their flagship policy for domestic private medical insurance in the UK. The Personal Health core cover includes in-patient treatment as standard; clients also benefit from access to an extensive hospital network with over 250 hospitals nationwide. In additional to the core cover there are several other options available to choose from.

Things you may wish to consider

If you are looking for family healthcare cover and one or more members has had cancer treatment or follow-ups in the last five years before the join date, AXA will downgrade all members on the policy to NHS Cancer support. If you find yourself in this position, one solution is to split the policy up.

Claiming on AXA Health’s Therapies benefit doesn’t affect the No Claims Discount (NCD) at renewal.

AXA Health will load the members premium if, when joining AXA Health, the client has had any of the following in the last five years:

  • Heart Conditions or Heart Problems
  • Strokes
  • Cancers
  • Diabetes
  • Mental Health Conditions

AXA apply an increase the premium for anyone who has used nicotine products within the last two years.

At renewal AXA Health offer the option of a ‘claims buyback’. If the increase in your renewal exceeds the value of your claim you would have the option to pay the value of your claim and retain your no claims discount.

If you have a heart condition and were unable to change health insurers, AXA Health may be an option for you. If the condition is under control with medication and reviewed by your GP and not a cardiologist, then in most circumstances, you will be able to switch with no exclusions.

If you have made more than three claims in the last five years, you cannot switch to AXA Health.

AXA allow overage dependants to continue cover if they live at the same address as the policy holder.

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AXA Health Benefits


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AXA Personal Health Core Cover

These benefits are included with all AXA Health Personal Health policies.



In-patient and day patient treatment

Full cover for hospital fees including operating theatre costs, diagnostic tests, nursing care, drugs & dressing, and physiotherapy


Out-patient treatment 

Full cover for MRI, CT & PET scans

Outpatient surgery is covered in full

Comprehensive Cancer Cover

Full cover for in-patient, day patient and outpatient treatment and consultations relating to cancer

Full cover for chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Full cover for high-cost cancer drugs proven to treat cancer

External Prostheses up to £5,000 a year

Wigs, and head coverings up to £400 a year

NHS Cash Benefit

£50 a night up to £2,000 a year where you have treatment through the NHS where AXA would have covered your treatment privately

Home Nursing

Full cover for a nurse to give antibiotics by intravenous drip at home

Private Ambulance

Paid in Full

Oral Surgery

Full cover for specified oral treatment

Parent Accommodation

Hospital accommodation for one parent, and up to £100 a night towards a hotel (up to £500 a year), while your child is receiving eligible treatment and is under the age of 16

Correctional Ear Surgery

Full cover for one operation to correct prominent ears (bat ears) for a child aged 14 and under

Laser Treatment

Full cover to improve the look of a port-wine stain on the face of a child aged 14 and under

Speech Therapy

Up to six sessions a year when needed because of developmental delay for a child aged 14 and under

If you are concerned about NHS wait times, explore private health insurance options

AXA Personal Health Optional Extras



Standard Outpatient Cover or Full Outpatient Cover

Both outpatient benefits with AXA cover all specialist referred diagnostic tests in full. Standard outpatient cover covers 3 specialist consultations per policy year whereas Full outpatient cover has no yearly limit

Therapies Cover

Full cover for physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, osteopathy, homeopathy, and acupuncturist. Up to a maximum of 10 GP referred sessions however if you’re referred by a specialist this is unlimited

Mental Health

Full cover for in-patient, day patient and outpatient treatment and consultations related to mental health

Dentist and Optician Cash Back

Dentist Fees – 80% of the cost up to £400 each year

Optician’s fees – 80% of the cost of prescribed glasses or contact lenses up to £200 each year

£25 a year towards the cost of an eye test

European or Worldwide Travel Cover

Cover for emergency medical expenses abroad. The travel cover also includes benefits like lost baggage, delayed flights, and lost passports. AXA Health’s Travel Cover is also Medical History Disregarded so pre-existing conditions would be covered even if they arose before the policy started. There is an option to include the Adventure Sports upgrade giving cover for hazardous activities such as paragliding and bungee-jumping

Extended Cover

Up to £500 each year for face-to-face GP consultations

Pre agreed overseas treatment is covered up to the cost it would have been covered to in the UK

Access to any hospital, day-patient unit or scanning centre in the UK even if this is not listed in the Directory of Hospitals

Extra cover for Fee-limited specialists

Protected No Claims Discount

If you claim on your AXA Personal Health policy and your no claims discount is protected, then your no claims discount will remain the same at the following renewal. The following year you would not be eligible to protect your no claims discount

Guided Option

AXA Health offer a Guided Hospital Option. If included you would be able to use any hospital in the Directory of Hospitals however the consultant you see must be recognised by AXA and work within their fee guidelines

AXA Health Underwriting

AXA offer three underwriting options on their health policies:

  • Full Medical Underwriting – where you disclose your medical history to AXA
  • Moratorium Underwriting –  doesn’t require you to declare your full medical history upfront. Instead, it excludes cover for any conditions for which you have had symptoms, advice or treatment during the past five years. 
  • Switch Underwriting –  This is reserved for clients who have an existing medical insurance. Subject to a couple of medical questions AXA Health would continue your medical underwriting from the previous insurer.

Hospital List

There are over 250 hospitals on AXA’s list and more than 36,500 recognised consultants and other practitioners.