Bupa Health Insurance

Bupa are one of the UK’s most established health insurance providers. Bupa doesn’t just concentrate on providing excellent health insurance cover, but is also dedicated to helping people lead longer, healthier and happier lives.

Bupa offers three policies to suit different customer needs, which are:

  • Bupa By You (comprehensive cover)
  • Bupa Treatment and Care (in or day patient only)
  • Bupa Fundamentals (limited outpatient option); only available through health insurance brokers like Healthcare Clarity

Bupa health insurance policy review

The Bupa By You Comprehensive policy is their flagship policy for domestic private medical insurance in the UK however Bupa also offers a Treatment and Care as well as Bupa Fundamentals policy. Each of the three policies offer various levels of cover and are offered at different price points to accommodate the needs of a range of clients.

Things you may wish to consider

Bupa do not have age restrictions on their policy and unlike some other providers you can join Bupa regardless of your age

Bupa automatically upgrade anyone under the age of 17 to their most comprehensive hospital list free of charge.

Bupa apply an increase the premium for anyone who has used nicotine products within the last two years.

Unless you have full outpatient cover, you would have a combined financial limit of £500, £750 or £1,000 for consultations and minor diagnostic tests such as blood tests, X-Rays, and ultrasounds. Diagnostic tests can be expensive and unpredictable and typically it’s advised to cover these in full.


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Bupa health insurance benefits

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Committed to our clients

Bupa By You Comprehensive Core Cover

These benefits are included with all Bupa By You policies.



In-patient and day patient treatment

Full cover for hospital fees including operating theatre costs, diagnostic tests, nursing care, drugs & dressing, and physiotherapy

Up to 28 days a year for mental health treatment


Out-patient treatment 

Full cover for MRI, CT & PET scans

Outpatient surgery is covered in full

Consultations, other diagnostic tests, outpatient mental health treatment, physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment and osteopathy are either covered in full or up to a combined limit of £500, £750 or £1,000 each year

Cancer Cover

Bupa offer three levels of cancer cover

Comprehensive Cancer Cover – Full cover for in-patient, day patient and outpatient treatment and consultations relating to cancer.

Full cover for chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Full cover for high-cost cancer drugs proven to treat cancer

NHS Cancer Cover PlusThe treatment would be done with the NHS however if the NHS can’t provide this treatment and the consultant recommends it, Bupa will cover these eligible treatments

No Cancer Cover – No cancer cover is included on the policy.

NHS Cash Benefit

£50 a night up to 35 nights a year where you have treatment through the NHS where Bupa would have covered your treatment privately

Home Nursing

Full cover for home nursing charges following private in-patient treatment

Private Ambulance

£60 per journey with no annual limit

Parent Accommodation

Hospital accommodation for one parent, in full while your child is receiving eligible treatment and is under the age of 17

If you are concerned about NHS wait times, explore private health insurance options

Bupa By You Optional Extras




Bupa pay up to £150 per year for routine dental treatment such as check-ups and scale and polish. And up to 75% of your restorative dental treatment such as fillings and crowns.

Bupa's Underwriting

Bupa offer three underwriting options on their health policies:

  • Full Medical Underwriting – where you disclose your medical history to AXA
  • Moratorium Underwriting –  doesn’t require you to declare your full medical history upfront. Instead, it excludes cover for any conditions for which you have had symptoms, advice or treatment during the past five years. 
  • Switch Underwriting –  This is reserved for clients who have an existing medical insurance. Subject to a couple of medical questions AXA Health would continue your medical underwriting from the previous insurer.

Hospital List

Bupa also have three hospital lists: Essential Access, Extended Choice, Extended Choice (including Central London).