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Freedom Health Insurance

Founded in 2003, Freedom Health Insurance is a family run, award-winning private medical insurance provider aiming to offer exceptional customer service and simple, yet flexible products at competitive premiums to people living in the UK and overseas.

They offer a range of products to individuals, families and businesses insuring two or more employees.

Freedom policy review

The Freedom Elite policy is their main policy and offers comprehensive cover with various options to ensure the cover is not only adequate but also affordable. Unlike many other providers, Freedom Health are not postcode rated. This could mean that they are competitive in areas where other providers may deem the risk greater and increase premiums.

Things you may wish to consider

Freedom offers a 2 Year Fixed Premium giving clients the reassurance that even if they claim in the first year the premiums will remain unchanged at the first renewal.

Freedom don’t have a No Claims Discount and are instead Community Rated so your claims don’t directly impact your renewal. Instead, they look at the overall performance of the whole book of business when calculating the renewal premium.

Freedom are one of the few providers that offer GP referred diagnostic tests.

Freedom offers an option to cover face-to-face private GP consultations.

Only pay for one child. Additional children can be added to the policy for no additional charge.

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Free claims assistance

We are the only health insurance broker to offer free claims assistance.

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Not only do we provide competitive quotes, we are also authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to give advice on a policies suitability. 

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Freedom health insurance benefits

2-Year Fixed Premium Guarantee

With any new Freedom Elite or Freedom Essentials policy, individual clients have the option to fix their health insurance premium for two years. The guarantee of a fixed premium for the second year gives you the reassurance that your premium won’t rise at the end of the first year regardless of any claims made.

Committed to our clients

Freedom Health Elite Core Cover

These benefits are included with all Freedom Health Elite policies.



In-patient and day patient treatment

Full cover for hospital fees including operating theatre costs, diagnostic tests, nursing care, drugs & dressing, and physiotherapy


Out-patient treatment 

Outpatient surgery is covered in full

MRI, CT and PET scans in full

Cancer Cover

Full cover for in-patient, day patient and outpatient treatment and consultations relating to cancer

Full cover for chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Full cover for high-cost cancer drugs proven to treat cancer

Digital GP

Access to video or telephone consultations with a qualified GP. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

NHS Cash Benefit

Where you have treatment through the NHS where Freedom Health would have covered your treatment privately, Freedom Health would pay the member:

£200 per night

£100 per day

Home Nursing

Up to 13 weeks each year following in-patient or day patient treatment if recommended by a consultant

Private Ambulance

Paid in Full

Oral Surgery

Full cover for specified oral treatment

Parent Accommodation

Hospital accommodation for one parent is covered in full, while your child is receiving eligible treatment and is under the age of 18

If you are concerned about NHS wait times, explore private health insurance options

Freedom Health Optional Extras



Outpatient Cover

Full outpatient cover will provide unlimited consultations, diagnostic tests, and physiotherapy. Freedom also offers the option to have a combined limit of £1,500 for consultations, specialist referred diagnostic tests and physiotherapy. Whether you have full cover or a limit for outpatient with Freedom they would still provide up to £750 each year for GP referred diagnostic tests

Alternative Therapies Cover

Choose from £750 or £1,500 for chiropractic treatment, osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropody/podiatry

Mental Health

In-patient and day patient accommodation and nursing in full up to 45 days.

Outpatient psychiatric treatment up to £2,000 per year

Optical, Dental and Private GP Costs (£50 excess applies)

Routine Dental Costs – Up to £300

Accidental Dental Injury – Up to £600

Optical Costs – Up to £200

Private GP costs – Up to £300

Freedom's Underwriting

Freedom offer three underwriting options on their health policies:

  • Full Medical Underwriting – Where you disclose your medical history to Freedom Health.
  • Moratorium Underwriting – Doesn’t require you to declare your full medical history upfront. Instead, it excludes cover for any conditions for which you have had symptoms, advice, or treatment during the past five years until you can go two years trouble free. 
  • Switch Underwriting –  This is reserved for clients who have an existing medical insurance. Subject to a couple of medical questions Freedom Health would continue your medical underwriting from the previous insurer.