Freedom health insurance

Freedom Health Insurance Overview

Founded in 2003, Freedom Health Insurance is an award-winning private medical insurance (PMI) provider aiming to offer exceptional customer service and simple yet flexible products at competitive premiums for people living in the United Kingdom (UK) and overseas.

They offer a range of products suited to individuals, families, and businesses insuring two employees upwards, including Freedom Elite, Freedom Your Choice and Freedom Worldwide.

Health Insurance Awards

Freedom Health Insurance was awarded Best Customer Service by a Provider at the Health Insurance Awards in 2015 and was shortlisted in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Freedom Health Insurance Review

  • Freedom Health Inc. is a good option for clients looking for personal service and sustainable premiums. They can consider all types of customers, from individuals to companies.
  • Children up until their 25th birthday who are in full-time education can be added to your policy.
  • Freedom offer community-rated policies, meaning that you do not have a “no claims discount” attached to the policy; it’s more like joining a big group scheme.
  • They offer various levels of outpatient cover to suit all budgets.



  • Age Limit – You can’t join after the age of 70
  • If you restrict your outpatient cover with Freedom, you are also restricting some diagnostic tests as a result. In contrast, other providers like AXA PPP, Health-on-Line, and Vitality will fully cover these with a limited outpatient option.

Freedom Health Insurance Policy

Freedom Elite offers modular benefits and can be tailored to your needs. Freedom Elite provides comprehensive cancer cover as standard, excesses that don’t erode the health plan policy limits, and they allow their clients to make their own choice of consultant and/or therapist.

Additional Benefits

  • 2-year fixed premium guarantee, available from 1st October 2019, with Elite individual health plan policies.
  • Comprehensive Cancer Cover as standard with Elite policies. 
  • Personal service for customers.
  • Premiums are not based on postcode.
  • No restriction on outpatient consultations and therapists. 
  • No introductory No Claims Discounts (NCD’s)


Freedom Your Choice offers an alternative to traditional medical insurance, with a cashback element applying to in-patient surgery. The client has the freedom to choose the hospital and the time of their treatment.

Freedom Health Insurance can pay clients a fixed cash benefit towards the cost of hospital admission and in-patient treatments and gives them the freedom to decide whether to have the treatment privately, via the NHS or abroad.

If the actual cost of the treatment is less than the fixed cash benefit paid by Freedom, the client can keep the difference. If the client chooses to use more expensive private hospitals, such as one based in central London, they will have to pay the extra or additional costs themselves. If the client uses the NHS for treatment, free of charge, they will receive 50% of the fixed cash benefit payable to spend how they wish.


Additional Benefits

  • 2-year fixed premium guarantee, available from 1st October 2019, with Your Choice individual health plan policies.
  • There is no hospital list for Your Choice. You are free to use whatever treatment centre you prefer.
  • Personal service for customers.
  • Premiums are not based on postcode.
  • No restriction on outpatient consultations and therapists. 
  • No introductory No Claims Discounts (NCD’s)

If you have a partner and/or children, you will enjoy a range of benefits when you get a Family Health Insurance policy from Freedom. You’re assured that you, your partner, and your children will have access to acute condition treatments in a choice of hospitals.

You’ll also have lower costs per month than when you have individual policies. Plus, Freedom gives a 6% discount if you decide to pay your premium annually instead of monthly. With Freedom Health Inc. family insurance policies, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Core Cover

The family policy is no different than the personal health insurance plans offered by Freedom since your family will have access to inpatient, outpatient, and day-patient care and treatment. Other coverages include cancer, mental health, and alternative therapy.

Free Cover for Multiple Children

Some family health insurance plan opportunities will let you add your children at a discounted rate. However, Freedom will only charge a fee for your first-born child. You can add your next children to the policy without additional costs.

Above-18 Children Coverage

Another standout feature of Freedom Health Inc.’s family insurance policy is your children will have coverage until they reach the age of 25.

Newborn Coverage

Add your newborn to your family health insurance plan within the specified period so that you don’t have to worry about costly hospital fees when your baby gets sick. However, note that Freedom will not cover congenital or inborn health conditions.

Maternity Cash Benefit

When you give birth after your family insurance policy’s start date, you will receive a maternity cash benefit from Freedom. This benefit, though, has a qualifying period that you need to meet.

Free Child and Parent Hospital Accommodation

One of the things that increase hospital fees is accommodation. Fortunately, Freedom has family insurance plans that will cover parent and child accommodation, as long as the child is within the age limit.

Pregnancy Complication Support

This insurance provider has family insurance policies that will cover pregnancy complications, such as miscarriage and emergency C-sections. As a Freedom customer who availed of this cover, you need to meet the required waiting period before the insurer pays for the costs.

Home Nursing

The Freedom Elite family insurance policy will cover your home nursing costs of up to 13 weeks. That is for any family member enrolled in the policy.


* Findings are based on 49 clients, over the last 3 months who already had a live policy in place.

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