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General & Medical Health Insurance

General & Medical have been a specialist provider of private medical insurance for the past 30 years and are the preferred provider for the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland. They are long established players in the provision of medical and other specialist services to professionals, businesses, and families both in the UK and internationally.

General & medical offer four different policies to suit all budgets. These include Essentials, Everyday, Lifestyle and Elite.

General & Medical policy review

Essential Plus and Lifestyle Plus are typically General & Medical’s most popular policies as these include full cover for in-patient and day patient as well as comprehensive cancer cover. Unlike many other providers, General & Medical are not postcode rated. This could mean that they are competitive in areas where other providers may deem the risk greater and increase premiums.

Things you may wish to consider

General & Medical do not have a no claims discount and instead take a more holistic view when a client approaches renewal.

When switching to General & Medical from a competitor there are no written exclusions, and this makes them a great provider for clients that may face permanent exclusions with other providers.

If you haven’t claimed in the policy year, General & Medical will give you the option to fix your premium for two or three years.

Their policies provide added benefits not available by other insurers such as (private maternity, cash benefits for boarding pets, parking charges cover is just to name a few).

On the Essentials and Everyday policies, the cancer cover is limited.

If you limit your outpatient cover with General & Medical by selecting any Everyday or Essentials plan you will have restrictions on your outpatient consultations and diagnostic tests. Providers like AXA Health, Vitality and The Exeter will offer to cover a full cover option for diagnostic tests even if you choose to limit your consultation cover.

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General & Medical Key Benefits

200+ Lifestyle Awards

With General & Medical health insurance you will gain access to over 200 unique offers on products, services and experiences. 

General & Medical Policies

The Essential policies provide you with in-patient benefits. You’ll have fast access to an initial consultation and diagnostic tests relating to an in-patient admission.
The Essential Plus is an upgrade and gives you access to treatment for cardiovascular conditions, cancer treatments, palliative treatment and hospice care. 

Everyday gives you access to in-patient benefits, but it includes an essential level of cover for the treatment of cancer that increases for each of the first five years of your membership, if you don’t make a claim for cancer. In addition, within certain limits, there is out-patient cover for therapies and complementary medicine. Cash benefits for life and critical illness are also included.

Upgrade to Everyday Plus and you’ll get higher limits for out-patient benefits and more comprehensive cover for therapies and complementary medicine. More importantly, Everyday Plus provides in-patient cover for cardiovascular conditions and a higher level of cover for the treatment of cancer that increases for each of the first five years of your membership, if you don’t make a claim for cancer.

Lifestyle cover is designed to give you and your family full cover for any in-patient admissions as well as comprehensive cancer cover. In addition, you also benefit from up to £1,500 for consultations and diagnostic tests.

Lifestyle Plus cover gives you all the benefits of Lifestyle but with full cover for out-patient, cover for a private ambulance and home nursing. There are also cash benefits included for personal accident and temporary disablement. Lifestyle Plus also provides you with medical cover outside of the UK.

Elite includes cover for dentistry, optical services and private GP visits, plus all of the benefits included in the Essentials, Everyday and Lifestyle private healthcare covers.

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General & Medical Optional Extras



Cover for Pre-existing conditions

Cover for up two pre-existing conditions, chosen at outset from the following list of defined conditions:

  • Acne • Asthma • Diabetes • Eczema • Glaucoma • Hypertension • Psoriasis • Arthritis • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Crohn’s Disease • Fibrocystic Breast Disease • Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease • Ulcerative Colitis • Varicose Veins

Cover is subject to an annual limit of £1,000 per condition, rolling up to £10,000 after 10 continuous years membership with no related claims

In-patient Psychiatry

In-patient and day patient covered up to 28 days. This includes 14 days on a 25% co-share basis (A 12 month qualifying period may apply)

*Not available on Essentials or Everyday

Multi-Trip Travel Cover

Cover for up to 120 days per duration

Choose from Europe, Worldwide (excluding USA and Canada) or Worldwide (including USA and Canada)

Up to £10,000,000 for medical expenses, emergency repatriation and cancellations

Channel Island Cover

This option provides cover for residents of the Channel Islands for the services provided by the members Channel Islands G.P, including prescription costs, consultations and routine minor surgery

If you are concerned about NHS wait times, explore private health insurance options

General & Medical Underwriting

General & Medical offer three underwriting options on their health policies:

  • Full Medical Underwriting– Where you disclose your medical history to General & Medical
  • Moratorium Underwriting –  Doesn’t require you to declare your full medical history upfront. Instead, it excludes cover for any conditions for which you have had symptoms, advice, or treatment during the past five years until you can go two years trouble free. 
  • Switch Underwriting – This is reserved for clients who have an existing medical insurance. For certain clients General & Medical will offer the best switch terms as they don’t ask any questions and instead offer deferment periods before certain pre-existing conditions would be covered again. This is beneficial for clients with ongoing conditions that other providers would likely permanently exclude.

Hospital List

General & Medical offer three Hospital Lists: 

  • First Choice 
  • Freedom 
  • Premium