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National Friendly Overview

National Friendly are a Mutual Society and were founded in 1868 by Rev. Canon Portal at Albury Rectory, to provide a deposit system allowing members to co-fund medical assistance.

At the turn of the century there was an increase in popularity for the society and the numbers grew. During world war 1, National friendly established a convalescence home to support injured solders and following World War II they continued to grow alongside the country’s breakthroughs in medicine, eventually taking over the Railway Deposit Friendly Society.

By National Friendly’s 125th Birthday their assets were over 100 million pounds. After a period of focusing on existing members, in 2016 they launched 3 new products: The Optimum private healthcare plan, the guaranteed life assurance plan and the assisted living plan.

National Friendly Survey

In 2018, based on a survey of 185 private medical insurance policyholders National Friendly scored;
97% - For overall service experience
99% - For politeness
95% - For Ease of service
96% - For speed of service
93% - For being kept informed
95% - For explaining decisions
98% - For listening skills

National Friendly Health Insurance Review

  • Unlike their competitors, National Friendly offer a 5 year contract to the client, which means that they do not take into account the clients claims history until the 5 year period has expired.
  • This plan is available from ages 18 years to 75 years, but it is aimed at the over 50’s market, where National Friendly feel that they are most competitive.
  • They do not load for CPME (switch) business.
  • No option available for full outpatient care with National Friendly, whereas other providers like AXA PPP, Health-on-Line and Vitality will cover these in full with a limited out-patient option.

National Friendly Policy

This private health plan is an individual plan and has an outpatient and in/day patient cover. They can be sold separately. If sold together there is a £10 month discount applied to the monthly premium. 

Inpatient Cover 

  • The in/day patient plan has an annual limit of £1 million and there is an extended hospital list available with a loading of 30%.

Outpatient Cover

  • The outpatient is limited cover with an annual limit of £2,000. The limit can be increased to £5,000 with a loading of 13%. 

* Findings are based on 49 clients, over the last 3 months who already had a live policy in place.

Benefits Healthcare Clarity



Healthcare Clarity is a National Friendly intermediary. We are authorised by the financial conduct authority (FCA) to give clients advise on private medical insurance plans. Our service is free to clients and we are paid a percentage commission on the business placed with the health insurer. This does not mean you will pay more by using our service.