The Exeter Health Insurance

The Exeter Health Insurance Overview

The Exeter are PMI specialists with a strong history of paying claims. They have been in business since 1928 and were recently rated the top health insurer provider in a leading consumer magazine’s survey of 830 policyholders. They are also 5 Stars on Trustpilot, rated Excellent.
In addition to this, The Exeter are a mutual society meaning they don’t have any shareholders to pay, which enables them to reinvest the profits back into the business for the benefit of their members.

Health Insurance Awards

Moneyfacts – Highly Commended – Best Healthcare Services (2018)
Cover Excellence Awards – Highly Commended – Best Individual PMI Provider (2018)
Health+ Policy – 5* Defaqto Star Rated

The Exeter Health Insurance Review

Key points on The Exeter health insurance


As a member of The Exeter, you and your family will have access to HealthWise, our member benefits service.

HealthWise is designed to help keep you healthy and happy every day. It offers quick and convenient medical advice and medical treatment services that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through our HealthWise app on either a smartphone or tablet.

What’s more, HealthWise can be used without the need to claim on your policy, meaning it won’t affect your premiums or any No Claims Discount.

Discounts for Families

They can add their partner or dependent children for a reduced price, making cover more affordable.

The Exeter don’t think anyone should ever be in two minds about claiming, so they take a tiered approach to the No Claims Discount, which keeps it fairer for everyone. That means you are moved up or down the NCD scale at renewal, depending on the value of your claims. For claims under £300, you won’t move down any levels. With The Exeter, you can also protect your NCD or remove it altogether (non-switchers only), providing a wide range of options to suit your needs.

The Exeter are one of the few providers that offer a community-rated option as an alternative to the traditional No Claims Discount. This premium structure where future premiums reflect the claims made by a wider pool of customers, not individual claims made only by members under this policy.

Well-priced against the other main providers on the market.

    • Limiting your outpatient cover with The Exeter to reduce the premium will also limit some outpatient scans and tests. In contrast, other providers like AXA PPP, Health-on-Line and Vitality will fully cover these with a limited outpatient option.


The Exeter Health Insurance Policy

The Exeter Health+

Rated 5 Stars by Defaqto Health+ quality, it’s a modular medical insurance product that lets you get the balance right between your needs and your budget without compromising the quality of your care.

Inpatient Cover 

  • Consultant and specialist fees
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Hospital treatment charges (including any necessary medical aids or
  • take-home drugs).

Outpatient Cover

  • CT, MRI and PET scans, including professional fees where
  • appropriate
  • Out-patient surgery
  • Up to three sessions of post-operative physiotherapy

Cancer Cover 

  • Cover for all stages of cancer once diagnosed, including palliative and terminal treatment, with no time or financial limit.

Additional Add On’s

  • Out-patient cover: Specialist consultation fees and diagnostic tests
  • Therapies cover: Treatment by a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Acupuncturist, Podiatrist, Speech therapist, Pain clinic or Dietician (maximum of two consultations)
  • Mental health: Inpatient treatment, out-patient treatment, and day patient treatments. In-patient and day-patient cover limited to 28 days of medical treatment and hospital charges.

Policy Choices 

  • A choice of three hospital lists: Essential, Standard and Extended
  • A No Claims Discount, where you’ll earn discounts on your premiums if you stay healthy and don’t claim
  • A choice of excess options, which apply to each member in each policy year
  • A choice of underwriting options, whether you’re switching from another insurer or new to private healthcare insurance

Additional Benefits


  • Private ambulance
  • Home nursing
  • Parental accommodation
  • Hospice donation
  • NHS cash benefit – £150 per night for up to 30 nights
  • As a member of The Exeter, you have access to membership benefits that offer additional care and support.

COVID-19 and Exeter

The pandemic had a negative impact on the delivery of private health services because of the focus on treating COVID-19 patients. Specifically, access to healthcare has been quite challenging. Insurance policyholders have also not fully enjoyed their benefits because of this situation.

With Exeter’s commitment to their members, here are some of the programs and services they came up with to ensure their members still get the most out of their policies:

Fair Return to Members

Insurance claims decreased when healthcare facilities halted and limited non-COVID-related procedures and treatment to people. Although members can now enjoy all their policy’s benefits, Exeter assure that they will return to their members, who bought health insurance plans before the 1st of April, 2020, any surplus from the reduction in claims during the pandemic.

Enhanced Cash Benefit

Exeter offered a £500-per-night cash benefit from the 1st of April 2020 to the 31st of March 2021. This enhanced benefit was for their members treated for free in private and NHS hospitals for any eligible health conditions, including COVID-19.

Online Consultation

Enjoy uninterrupted health care by accessing Exeter’s Clinical Support Centre, even when hospitals have resumed normal operations. You can book specialist appointments and have consultations via video and phone.

Also, you will still enjoy NCD and outpatient diagnostic and consultation benefits and won’t have to worry about paying excess just to use the support centre. However, standard Exeter insurance policy rules and guidelines still apply to any necessary medical treatment prescribed by the specialist you consulted.

Of course, we should not forget Exeter’s Healthwise app, which you can use to find medical experts for medical consultations, except for COVID-19. Remember that NHS opted for centralised COVID-19 care and treatment.

Insurance Coverage Retention

Globally, the pandemic also affected a wide range of occupations, leading to employees losing their jobs or working less-than-average working hours. That’s because many businesses had to cut down on expenses, or worst, closed.

Exeter understand that some of their members might have difficulties paying their regular premiums. That’s why they have an essential list of options available for affected members. This way, they can still retain their policies. All you have to do is call Exeter’s customer support team.

* Findings are based on 49 clients, over the last 3 months who already had a live policy in place.

Benefits Healthcare Clarity



Healthcare Clarity is an intermediary for The Exeter. We are authorised by the financial conduct authority (FCA) to give clients advise on private medical insurance plans. Our service is free to clients and we are paid a percentage commission on the business placed with the health insurer. This does not mean you will pay more by using our service.