Vitality Health Overview

Vitality Health Insurance is owned by Discovery Holdings, a South Africa-based financial services group. This health insurer’s core focus is enhancing and protecting your health and encouraging you to live a healthy lifestyle.

By incentivising members to be healthier, not only do they benefit from improved health and wellbeing, but Vitality Health as an insurer benefits from insurance savings from healthy members who are less likely to claim. These savings allow them to offer comprehensive private health insurance cover and a wide range of excellent benefits for their members.

Health Insurance Awards

Moneyfacts – Best Private Medical Insurance Provider (2019)
Cover Excellence Awards – Best Individual Provider (2018)
Personal Healthcare 5* Defaqto Star Rated

Vitality Health Insurance Review


  • On new underwriting terms, they offer the Mori+, which means subject to favourably answering a medical question, you could be eligible for up to an additional 15% discount.
  • They do not limit outpatient scans and tests like other popular health insurers. If not opting for full outpatient cover, you should ask your advisor to ensure the full diagnostics option has been selected.
  • Vitality Health cover in-network physiotherapy in full, as standard when their health insurance customer selects any outpatient cover.
  • Vitality were the first to market with a private GP option to ensure easier access to health services. They have now been offering the Vitality GP App as standard on all policies for over two years.
  • They also offer a very attractive extra rewards and partners programme, with premium discounts on anything from a gym membership, hotel stays, and the latest fitness device from brands like Apple Inc.
  • Choice of four different hospital lists to suit varying needs and budgets.
  • On switch terms, they will offer to beat any other recognised health insurance provider’s policy cost by up to 15% and match the level of cover you have in place.
  • Vitality Health do not have a “no claims discount”; their pricing structure couldn’t be any clearer with their ABC pricing system. For more information, please get in touch.
  • Maximum joining age of 79.
  • No option for face to face private GP.

Vitality Health Insurance Policy

VitalityHealth’s Personal Healthcare plan is designed for individuals resident in the UK, who want to insure against the costs of unexpected private medical treatment for themselves and their families. It helps them to get healthier by offering discounts to a range of health partners and incentivizing them to stay healthy through a programme of rewards. By engaging in healthy living, such as healthy activities and healthy eating, they can also help control their monthly and annual premiums.

Inpatient Cover

  • All Vitality private health insurance plans start with Core Cover, which has a variety of benefits.
  • Their current medical insurance plan includes full cover for a range of hospital fees, consultant fees, health checks, and diagnostic tests.

Outpatient Cover 

  • Outpatient addon but as part of core cover Out-patient surgical procedures are covered.

Popular Health Plan Cover Options

Nothing is certain in a person’s daily life, including our physical, mental, and emotional health. Fortunately, you can ensure you’re always protected by adding coverage to your Vitality insurance plan. It can increase your monthly premium, but the following add-ons will no doubt benefit you in the future:

Therapies Cover

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropody and podiatry for callus and corn removal
  • Chiropractor and Osteopathy for joint, muscle, and bone treatment
  • Homoeopathic treatment – use of minerals and plants
  • Limited dietician consultations to ensure you eat balanced and healthy foods

Mental Health Cover

Although this is already included in the core cover of any health insurance plan, adding mental health coverage for an extra cost will let you enjoy:

  • Talking therapy – The standard core covers up to eight talking therapy sessions, but with this add-on, you’ll enjoy unlimited face-to-face and online therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).
  • Psychologist and psychiatrist consultation – Consult a mental health professional as an outpatient without worrying about the cost. Vitality will pay £1,500 for consultations when you add this cover to your health plan.
  • 28-day treatment – This South Africa-based company will pay for your 28-day day-patient or in-patient treatments provided by a recognised mental health hospital or clinic

Optical, dental and hearing Insurance

  • Cashback Rewards – A fantastic program that lets you claim your expenses for routine dental treatments, eye and hearing tests, contact lenses, prescription glasses, and hearing aids.

Worldwide Travel Insurance

  • Emergency overseas medical care – Covers treatments required before travelling back home, support person’s accommodation and travel expenses, and repatriation costs
  • Travel medications and vaccinations – £100 annual reimbursement
  • Unforeseen travel expenses – Cash claims for delayed, damaged, and lost baggage, delayed, cut-short, and missed flights, accidents, and loss of passport and money.
  • Winter sports injury and equipment loss – Cash claims for equipment damage and loss and sport-related illness and injury

Hospital List

  • Access to a wider list of hospitals, other than those included in the core cover

Additional Benefits

Having peace of mind is one of the top benefits of health insurance, especially since we’re exposed to several elements as we go through our busy lives. Most of us also fail to engage in healthy lifestyle behaviors. Vitality recognises each of these struggles, so they’re offering these specific benefits that their members can enjoy:

  • Vitality GP – A uniquely integrated virtual GP solution or mobile app where you can gain wellness advice, onward referrals, physiotherapy appointments, and mental health services.
  • Full Cover Promise – As part of the private health insurance Core Health Cover, VitaityHealth promises to pay for recognised consultants’ and anaesthetists’ fees in full for in-patient and day-patient treatment. This means that you will not be faced with a shortfall – provided the treatment is eligible or covered by your chosen health insurance plan.
  • Unique Reward Scheme or System – Instead of a No Claims Discount or Community Rated policy, VitalityHealth calculate the discount for your renewal using an ABC pricing style:  – Age – Base rate medical inflation – Claims. Vitality also gives you the chance throughout the year to earn a discounted claims impact. If you can show them that you are generally fit and healthy by tracking your physical activity level, then the private health insurance plan claims increase actually gets smaller as you move up activity levels.

Download the ABC Pricing Guide 

  • Menopause Support – A care hub for menopausal women, including links to reliable resources and well-written articles. Downloadable Preppy mobile app to gain access to symptom management information, consultations, and more. Referral for required treatments.
  • Advanced Cancer Cover – Comprehensive cancer cover in full for their health insurance customer
  • Rewards & Discounts – VitalityHealth have a range of partners offering fantastic member discounts, for example, Starbucks, Virgin Active, Amazon Prime and Cineworld – See a full list of VitalityHealth Partners.

* Findings are based on 49 clients, over the last 3 months who already had a live policy in place.

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