Vitality Health Insurance

Vitality Health Insurance

Vitality was formally known as PruHealth before rebranding in 2014. The last few years have really seen Vitality ramp up their marketing, with their brand becoming more distinctive. Incentivising members to be healthier is a core value for Vitality and one of the ways they achieve this is by offering members discounts and rewards.

As well as offering discounts and rewards through their partners, members can also receive a discount on their renewal premium by staying active and healthy. By recording activities on fitness devices such as Apple watch or Garmin, Vitality will take this data into consideration when calculating renewal premiums.

Vitality policy review

The Personal Healthcare policy is their main medical insurance policy. It covers inpatient treatment in full as well as comprehensive cancer cover as a standard benefit. The additional options available make the Personal Healthcare policy one of the most versatile on the market and allows members to tailor a policy to their needs or budget. The additional benefits offered with Vitality’s partners and rewards also enable clients to get rewarded from their insurance even if they don’t need to claim.

Things you may wish to consider

Vitality offers several outpatient options to choose from. If you don’t include full cover for consultations and diagnostic tests you can still opt for full cover for diagnostic tests and only limit cover for consultations.

Vitality cover in-network physiotherapy in full, as standard when their health insurance customer selects any outpatient cover.

Vitality offer a very attractive rewards and partners programme, with premium discounts on anything from a gym membership, hotel stays, and the latest fitness device from brands like Apple.

Vitality offers three different hospital lists to suit varying needs and budgets.

On switch terms, they will offer to beat any other recognised health insurance provider’s policy cost by up to 10% and match or upgrade the level of cover you have in place.

Vitality do not have a “no claims discount”; their pricing structure instead using an ABC pricing system (Age, Base Rate, Claims and Engagement). By staying active and engaging with the Vitality program clients can minimise the impact of a claim on their insurance.

Limited cover for pre-existing metal health.

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Vitality key benefits

Vitality rewards

Vitality have some really attractive awards and offer discounts on Apple Watches to Amazon Prime.

Vitality Personal Healthcare Core Cover

These benefits are included with all Vitality Personal Healthcare Health policies.



In-patient and day patient treatment

Full cover for hospital fees including operating theatre costs, diagnostic tests, nursing care, drugs & dressing, and physiotherapy


Out-patient treatment 

Outpatient surgery is covered in full

Cancer Cover

Full cover for in-patient, day patient and outpatient treatment and consultations relating to cancer

Full cover for chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Full cover for high-cost cancer drugs proven to treat cancer

External Prostheses up to £5,000 per condition

Wigs, and head coverings up to £300 per condition

Vitality GP

Access to video or telephone consultations with a Vitality GP. Up to £100 for private prescriptions or minor diagnostic tests referred by a Vitality GP

NHS Cash Benefit

Where you have treatment through the NHS where Vitality would have covered your treatment privately, Vitality would pay the member:

£250 per night up to a maximum of £2,000 each year

£125 per day up to a maximum of £500 each year

Home Nursing

Full cover if recommended by a consultant

Private Ambulance

Paid in Full

Oral Surgery

Full cover for specified oral treatment

Parent Accommodation

Hospital accommodation for one parent is covered in full, while your child is receiving eligible treatment and is under the age of 14

Baby Bonus

£100 cash benefit for the policy holder for each child born more than 10 months after the policy start date

Talking Therapies

Up to 8 sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or counselling even if the condition is pre-existing before the policy start date

If you are concerned about NHS wait times, explore private health insurance options

Vitality Personal Healthcare Optional Extras



Outpatient Cover

Full outpatient cover will provide unlimited consultations and diagnostic tests. With Vitality, you can reduce your outpatient consultation allowance and maintain full cover for minor diagnostic tests such as X-rays, ultrasounds, and blood tests

Vitality offers outpatient limits of £500, £750, £1,000, £1,250 or £1,500. If you don’t select ‘full diagnostics’ this limit would apply to consultations, minor diagnostic tests and out of network physio. By selecting the full diagnostics option this limit would only apply for outpatient consultations

Therapies Cover

Full cover for chiropractic treatment, osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropody/podiatry and two consultations with a dietician following GP or consultant referral

Mental Health

In-patient and day patient accommodation and nursing in full up to 28 days.

Outpatient psychiatric treatment up to £1,500 per year

Talking therapies e.g. cognitive behavioural therapy or therapy covered in full

Optical, Dental and Audiological Cover

Routine Dental e.g. check-ups, X-rays, scale and polish – £100 each year

Dental procedure such as fillings, crowns and root treatment – 80% up to £400

Accidental dental injury – £2,500 per claim (max 2 claims per plan year)

New prescription glasses or contact lenses through Specsavers – £500 each year

New prescription glasses or contact lenses through any other optician – 80% up to £300 each year

Hearing tests and new prescription hearing aids – 80% up to £300 each year

Worldwide Travel Cover

Cover includes medical expenses, cancellation cover, and loss or theft of personal items, for trips of up to 120 days

Vitality's Underwriting

Vitality offer three underwriting options on their health policies:

  • Full Medical Underwriting – Where you disclose your medical history to Vitality.
  • Moratorium Underwriting – Doesn’t require you to declare your full medical history upfront. Instead, it excludes cover for any conditions for which you have had symptoms, advice, or treatment during the past five years until you can go two years trouble free. 
  • Switch Underwriting – This is reserved for clients who have an existing medical insurance. Subject to a couple of medical questions Vitality would continue your medical underwriting from the previous insurer.