Do I need Private Medical Insurance?

It is worth mentioning a little thing we are all very lucky to have in this country; the NHS. With any luck the NHS will always be there to treat us should we require it and offers access to treatment and care.

So in theory, you do not need private medical insurance, it is not essential. That said, if you are looking for more control over when and where you are treated, private medical insurance is the right thing for you.

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How is health insurance different to the NHS?

As UK residents we are entitled to healthcare from the NHS that is free at the point of need. Unfortunately though, it is hard to deny that the NHS is facing an uphill battle. Contrary to what some people think about private health insurance it does not seek to fully replace NHS care. Regardless of whether you have health insurance or not, emergency treatment will still be carried out by the NHS.

The main reason roughly 10.5% of the population or just under 4 million people have turned to private care is largely down to the speed of service. Another concern for many people is worrying about whether they are getting the best care due to NHS budgets. Private medical insurance gives you the peace of mind that you have access to consultants who are not working to the oversubscribed, constrained budgets of the NHS.

Certainly for Kyle Godden, Director at Healthcare Clarity, the reason he turned to medical insurance is due to the long NHS waiting lists. “I was told, when my back was at the point where I was struggling to walk and had had to resign from work due to long term sickness, that my condition was classed as “non-urgent”. To me it was very urgent and I was getting increasingly frustrated with feeling like a number in a big machine. I felt lost. At 26 this is not what I was expecting when it came to needing treatment. From that point on I just didn’t feel safe knowing that I didn’t have a faster alternative; being stuck on a waiting list just passing time can effect your life in more ways than you think possible.”

What are the reasons for taking out private medical insurance?

Faster diagnosis and treatment

Control over when and where you are treated and who by

Access to treatment and drugs not available on the NHS

Private room for recovery

Some health insurers also provide a range of rewards and benefits by offering discounts on gym memberships, Apple products and even flights.

Choosing to take out private health insurance is a personal choice, it is not a product to be taken lightly so to ensure you are getting the right level of cover at a competitive price give us a call 01242 350071.