Making a claim on your health insurance policy

We know that claiming for treatment can be stressful, which is why we have put in place a specialist team, dedicated to providing support with claims.  

We work with you, the policy holder, and the insurer directly to get claims authorised and resolved quickly. By using our health insurance claims service we allow you to focus on recovering, instead of spending a frustrating amount of time on hold.

How can Healthcare Clarity help process my claim?

In some cases, claims can be complicated and may require forms be filled out by your GP or a medical professional, if they charge for the completion of these forms Healthcare Clarity Limited will not contribute towards these costs.

Claims timescales – How long does it take to claim?

We aim for a turnaround of 2 working days to allow our claims specialist to get your information relayed to the health insurer’s claim department. This does not mean that we guarantee an authorisation in 2 working days. Timescales vary depending on several factors, including but not limited to:

  • condition
  • documentation
  • insurer timescales

We cannot be held responsible for the level of service provided by the insurers direct, including any delays in the processing of your claim. However, we will try to mitigate this wherever possible. We always advise calling directly through to the insurers claims team if your claim is urgent in nature.

What can’t Healthcare Clarity do?

We cannot guarantee all claims are approved, each claim will be assessed on its own merits against your chosen insurer’s terms and conditions and your underwriting method and written terms.

You can of course call the insurer direct from the outset if you would prefer, the claims numbers for each insurer are as follows;

  • AXA Health – Claims number – 0800 027 1384
  • Bupa – Claims number – 0345 609 0777
  • Aviva – Claims number – 0800 158 3333
  • Vitality Health – Claims Number – 0345 075 1113
  • Exeter – Claims number – 0300 123 3253
  • Freedom – Claims number – 0800 999 2013
  • General and Medical – Claims number –  0800 9709 442
  • National Friendly – Claims number – 0333 014 6244

Benefits of using Healthcare Clarity

We are the only broker to offer a free claims support service

On average we save our clients 32%* when switching health insurers

We compare the top health insurers, including AXA Health, Bupa and Vitality

Request help with your claim


In what circumstance would Healthcare Clarity not help with my claim?

We reserve the right to refuse access to this service in certain circumstances;

  • If our claims advisors feel like they are being abused or threatened, we will refuse the service.
  • If we feel like a client is knowingly trying to commit insurance fraud we will refuse to help.
  • If a client asks us not to declare relevant medical information that the insurer has requested, we will consider this to be fraudulent and will not assist.

Does Healthcare Clarity charge a fee for assisting with claims?

Our claim’s advice service is currently free of charge. We feel claims management is a key part of a broker-client relationship and as such we are happy to offer this at the cost to ourselves. The referrals we generate off the back of the claims service we offer make it financially viable to provide this service. 

Healthcare Clarity Limited reserves the rights to amend our fees for this service, should it be required in the future although we hope to avoid doing so. As far as we know we are the only broker who offer this complete service, and we want to offer it for as long as it is viable to do so.

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