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Learn about some of the additional benefits you can add to a private health insurance policy.

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What Are Some Popular Additional Private Health Insurance Benefits?

Private health insurance policies can cover lots of medical needs such as inpatient & outpatient treatment, cancer, and private GP appointments. In addition to these well-known features, you will often be able to add some less common benefits to your plan if you wish.

Here at Healthcare Clarity, we can help you find a private health insurance policy meeting your every need. As well as comparing all UK providers, we offer free, professional advice every step of the way. These are some examples of additional benefits you may want your insurer to cover:

Dental & Optical Benefit

A dental & optical benefit means that your provider will cover part of your dental and optical fees every year while your policy is active. For example, your insurer may agree to pay 80% of your annual routine dentist fees up to £400, and 80% of glasses/contact lens costs up to £200 a year. They could also contribute towards an eye test.

Every provider offers varying levels of cover. You can add the dental & optical benefit with:

Travel Insurance

Many people take out travel insurance as a standalone policy to cover short-term medical emergencies and non-medical issues like lost luggage. However, it may be in your best interest to include this in your public health insurance plan instead.

Some providers charge travel cover as a percentage of your total annual premium, so it can be a lot cheaper than buying an individual travel policy. Plus, plenty of health insurers have no age restrictions, whereas those over 70 may find it hard to secure a dedicated travel plan.

This is also likely to be a better option if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Certain providers will disregard medical history when offering travel cover. As a result, all pre-existing conditions can be covered by the travel insurance even if they are excluded from the private health insurance plan itself.

Pregnancy Cover

While all insurers cover pregnancy complications, it’s rare to secure general private pregnancy cover. However, there is one provider offering this: General & Medical. As part of their Elite plan, they will contribute up to £5,000 toward a private birth and offer a £250 maternity cash benefit. However, you need to have been a member for at least 24 months to qualify.


Types of Private Health Insurance

Whether you want to protect your family, your business or yourself, we can find the policy for you. Choose from any of the private health insurance options below:

Why Switch Your
Private Health Insurance Provider?

Even if you already have private health insurance, there are many reasons why you should consider changing your provider:

By switching provider, you can:

* Findings are based on 49 clients, over the last 3 months who already had a live policy in place.
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