Cancer Health Insurance

It’s understandable that cancer is a concern a lot of people have and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by the health insurers in the UK. In fact most private medical insurance policies offer cancer protection.

On this page you can learn more about private health insurance with cancer cover, and how we can find the best provider for your needs.

What is cancer cover?

Most providers of private medical insurance offer their clients comprehensive cancer cover, allowing them to skip long NHS waiting lists and access cutting-edge treatments. These may include drugs and procedures that aren’t available on the NHS due to cost. Following a diagnosis, this cover gives you the option to choose your desired hospital — either private or NHS — and a preferred consultant.

Cancer is one of the biggest medical issues you could ever face, so it’s definitely worth considering insurance as a precaution. If cancer cover is something you’re interested in, we will find you the best provider by comparing all your options.

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What can cancer health insurance cover?

Which is the best private health insurance for policy for cancer?

Everybody has different concerns and reasons for obtaining private health insurance for cancer. And as all providers offer different levels of cover, you need to be sure you’re getting the right policy for your needs. That’s why we recommend seeking advice from a specialist here at Healthcare Clarity.

It’s important you truly understand what a policy would provide if you received a cancer diagnosis. For example:

  • Does your provider offer at-home chemotherapy treatment?
  • Is your provider offering access to biological therapies?
  • Are you covered for experimental treatments?

It’s worth taking time to find out the answers to questions like these. We compare all UK providers to get you the best deal, and ensure you fully understand what you are paying for.

Cancer insurance FAQs

Private health insurance with cancer cover can vary in price for many reasons, including your location, age and lifestyle. Every policy is different so we can’t give you a specific figure without more information. Simply get a free quote from us, and we can find you the best cancer cover for your budget.

Different providers cover different elements from others. For example, certain companies could exclude particular cancers in some circumstances, while others may not include things like experimental or unproven treatments. This is why it’s so important to seek advice and be absolutely sure that your policy covers your needs.

Though most policies exclude pre-existing conditions, there are some providers who will cover these. This means you will be insured even if you’ve previously had cancer, though you will normally only qualify if you have been symptom-free for a certain amount of time.

This is particularly relevant if you are on a family health insurance plan. If an immediate family member covered by your policy has had cancer before, it may be worth looking at separate plans. Some providers will downgrade cancer cover for everyone due to one person’s previous diagnosis.

But for the most part, insurers won’t use your family history to determine your premium. We compare UK providers to make sure you don’t pay over the odds.

Private health insurance cover options

Inpatient & Outpatient

Inpatient cover applies to treatment requiring an overnight hospital bed, while outpatient is for tests and consultations where a bed isn’t necessary.

Private GP

Avoid long NHS waiting lists, and instead see a private GP at your convenience.

Mental Health

Mental health insurance can cover a range of conditions, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse.


Receive private physiotherapy treatment to get back on the move as quickly as possible.


Cancer cover lets you skip NHS waiting lists and even access drugs and procedures only available to private patients.


Learn about some of the additional benefits you can add to a private health insurance policy.

Types of health insurance

Whether you want to protect your family, your business or yourself, we can find the policy for you. Choose from any of the private health insurance options below:


Discover what the benefits are of having your own private health insurance policy.


Ensure your loved one's are protected and get the chance to receive quick treatment.


Private health insurance plans that are there to cover both you and your partner.


Find out more about private health insurance for your child or children.

Over 50s

Keep doing the things you love with health insurance that will allow quick treatment.


Keep your employees happy and healthy with a private medical insurance plan.