Mental Health Insurance

Learn about private health insurance with mental health cover, and let Healthcare Clarity find a plan tailored to your requirements.

Does private health insurance cover mental health treatment?

Millions of people suffer from mental health issues at some point in their lives, and fortunately, many private medical insurance providers cover the cost of access to private mental health services. Although the NHS offers care and treatment for mental health conditions, waiting lists are often very long — patients sometimes need to wait months, or even years for assistance. You will receive care much quicker with private mental health cover.

Some insurance companies include mental health as standard, but in most cases you will need to add it to your policy. We compare quotes from all UK providers to find the best plan in terms of your needs and your budget.

What can mental health insurance cover?

Mental health insurance can cover a range of conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse. The services you’re eligible for will vary between providers, but these are some examples:

It’s important to understand all the details of your policy, and be aware of any exclusions. We offer free, professional advice to help you secure a policy which meets all of your needs.

What is the best health insurance for mental health coverage?

Every policy offers different cover, so the right mental health plan varies from person to person. For example, a private health insurance policy that automatically encompasses mental health may suffice if you will only need minimal coverage. However, for greater protection, you’ll have to pay more. Some providers also exclude particular conditions and services that may be important to you.

To make sure your needs are met, we will first talk through your history, requirements, and any existing policies you already have in place. Our specialists will offer impartial advice, comparing all UK health insurance providers to ensure that whether you’re looking for individual, family or company cover, you’ll have the best possible private mental health insurance.

Mental Health FAQ's

The cost of mental health insurance depends on factors including age, location and lifestyle. For this reason, we can’t give you a figure without the information providers use to set their price. Contact us for free quotes and advice on getting you the best coverage you can afford.

You’ll have to disclose any previous diagnoses when applying for health insurance. Not all companies cover pre-existing mental health conditions, but there are some specialist providers who do. It’s very important to thoroughly check the details of any policies you’re considering, and compare options to get the best price — a pre-existing condition can greatly impact your premium. Please contact us for additional advice on this.


Whether this is your first time getting insured or you’re upgrading your policy, seeking advice is invaluable. Not only does this give you someone to whom you can explain your options and make sure you understand all the details, but you will also be more likely to secure a lower premium. Advisors can also review current policies and see whether you can get a better deal elsewhere. We know that you may feel nervous discussing mental health concerns with a stranger, but our team has years of experience dealing with medical conditions, and will address your queries in a professional and sensitive manner. Get in touch now for all the guidance you need.

Private health insurance cover options

Inpatient & Outpatient

Inpatient cover applies to treatment requiring an overnight hospital bed, while outpatient is for tests and consultations where a bed isn’t necessary.

Private GP

Avoid long NHS waiting lists, and instead see a private GP at your convenience.

Mental Health

Mental health insurance can cover a range of conditions, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse.


Receive private physiotherapy treatment to get back on the move as quickly as possible.


Cancer cover lets you skip NHS waiting lists and even access drugs and procedures only available to private patients.


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