What Hospitals does my health insurance allow me to use?

All private medical insurance policies give you access to see consultants and receive treatment in a choice of different hospitals. The number of hospitals and their location can have an impact on the cost of your policy. Depending on your individual needs and budget we can advise on a suitable hospital list.

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What is a private medical insurance hospital list?

Each insurer has their own hospital lists at different price points. This is normally provided in a brochure format documenting the hospitals you are eligible to receive healthcare treatment in. Most insurers offer an extensive list of private hospitals throughout the UK. Hospital lists can vary from insurer to insurer and policy to policy so always check your policy documents thoroughly.


You should receive a brochure from your insurer which lists every hospital available to you on your chosen policy. If there are specific hospitals you would like to receive treatment in, it’s important to double check with your broker or insurance provider. They will make sure the hospital you want to receive treatment in is included on your chosen hospital list, before receiving treatment. It is important to note that if you use a hospital that is not on your chosen list there will likely be shortfalls.

You may have the option to upgrade your hospital list to an extended list. This is generally an optional extra providing you with access to additional hospitals and this often increases your premium. In contrast, some insurers offer a downgraded hospital list providing you with access to fewer hospitals and consultants, which often leads to a reduction in monthly premiums. 

If you receive treatment in a hospital that is not recognised on your hospital list, your insurer will not pay all and sometimes any hospital fees or treatment. Therefore, it is vitally important you call your insurer before  making a claim. This will make sure that the specialist/hospital is recognised on your policy and you will be eligible to make a claim. If you have any doubt regarding your hospital or consultant list please contact us for advice.