Can I get cover for a pre-existing condition?

Medical insurance is designed to provide cover for those unforeseen medical conditions that arise after the start of a policy. 

With that said there are some conditions that can be covered if you are new to insurance, even if they are pre-existing. This depends on your chosen medical underwriting and the condition itself.

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What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing medical condition is any illness or condition that you have received treatment or sought advice for, before the start of your private medical insurance policy.

Speak to one of our specialists for advice if you have questions about your options. Healthcare Clarity advisers can speak to the underwriters at each insurer, to gain you the most favourable terms with regards to your pre-existing conditions.

Private Health Insurance FAQ's

Many people feel motivated to take out private medical insurance to cover a condition, after they have had a negative experience or faced a wait for consultations or treatment with the NHS. 

Unfortunately, at this point it is unlikely, but not always impossible, that they will be able to cover the same condition under a private medical insurance policy. 

Insurers generally do not cover you for a condition that you have received advice or treatment for in the last five years. It is common for insurers to cover a condition after a two-year period if you have not sought advice or treatment for it and you have a policy in place for those two-years.

One reason people have been reluctant to change insurers or explore their options with other providers, is that they fear that they will lose cover for existing conditions. As a result there any many people who are potentially paying over the odds for their cover