Private health insurance and hospital lists

The hospital list you choose when taking out your private health insurance, will determine where you access treatment. If you want to be treated at a particular hospital or clinic we always recommend double checking that it is included on your hospital list policy documents. It is also worth noting that hospital lists can work both ways in either increasing or lowering your health insurance premium. 

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What is a hospital list?

Every private medical insurance policy comes with its own hospital list. This is normally a brochure documenting where you can receive private healthcare treatment in the UK. Each insurer has its own list which impacts the price of the policy, so if you want to be treated at a specific hospital, you must be sure it is on there before taking out insurance with that company.

How does a hospital list impact my premium?

All private medical insurance policies allow you to choose from a range of different hospitals where you can see consultants and access treatment. The number of hospitals and their locations can affect how much you’ll pay. For example, an extensive hospital list will be more expensive than one with fewer options, and hospitals in London, the south-west and the south-east will cost more than those in other UK areas.

It’s important that you are able to receive healthcare at hospitals that are both most convenient and best suited for your needs. To receive expert advice on how to do this, contact Healthcare Clarity today so we can help you secure a policy with the right hospital list for your budget and needs.

Hospital list - FAQ's

If you use a hospital that is not on your list, your private medical insurance policy will not cover any healthcare you receive from that facility. Therefore, it is crucial that you call your insurer before making a claim to check whether the hospital is eligible. If you have any questions regarding your hospital list, please contact us for advice.

You may be able to upgrade to an extended list which provides access to additional hospitals, but be aware that this will probably increase your premium.

Some insurers offer a downgraded hospital list with fewer hospitals and consultants, often reducing premiums.

Private health insurance key terms

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