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What is Joint Health Insurance?

Joint health insurance gives couples access to private medical care, which means you can both skip lengthy NHS waiting lists, choose private facilities for diagnosis and treatment, and receive specialist drugs unavailable on the NHS. Although you can still use NHS services, private care gives you and your partner more control over your treatment options.

If both you and your partner want private medical care, it’s more convenient and cost-effective to choose a joint plan rather than taking out two individual policies. However, it’s important to compare different providers to ensure you choose the best health insurance for your needs. We help you do this by examining all your options and weighing up what the best plan is for you.

What is Covered by Joint Health Insurance?

Joint health insurance gets you access to consultations and treatment for acute conditions, which are short-term, curable ailments like broken bones, burns and various illnesses and injuries. You and your partner will need to decide what coverage you want, with the following options among those you’re most likely to see on potential policies:

We provide free professional advice to help you choose the right couples cover for the best price.

What is the Best Health Insurance
for Couples?

Different couples have different requirements, and the most suitable private health insurance will depend on a number of factors specific to you and your partner, which is why it’s so crucial to get professional advice and make sure you fully understand the policies you’re considering.

We’re here to offer free, impartial guidance at every stage and compare all UK insurance providers to find the best choice. With our help, you can make the right decisions when it comes to couples’ healthcare.

Why Switch Your
Private Health Insurance Provider?

Even if you already have private health insurance, there are many reasons why you should consider changing your provider:

By switching provider, you can:

* a £50 voucher for M&S or John Lewis will be sent to you after switching to a policy we recommend once you paid your second monthly premium to your insurer.
** Findings are based on 49 clients, over the last 3 months who already had a live policy in place.

Joint Health Insurance FAQ's

You don’t necessarily need to be married to purchase joint health insurance, but you do need to live at the same address.

No two joint health insurance policies are the same. They vary in terms of what they cover, while factors like age, location, medical history and lifestyle also affect the price. We can’t give you an accurate cost without these details, so we suggest getting a free quote. Whatever you can afford to pay, we will find the best deals in line with your budget.

Couples therapy is often not considered to be a medical requirement, and therefore providers typically do not cover it, though they may offer individual mental health cover instead.

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