What is a specialist health insurance broker?

Health insurance brokers represent a panel of health insurance companies. Not only do they help you compare health insurance policies but will help with setting up the policy and offer ongoing support with claims and annual reviews.

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What are the advantages of using a health insurance broker?

Compare multiple insurers and policies

Offer competitive prices

Specialist industry knowledge

If an advisory broker can offer advice

Support with claims

Who pays a Health Insurance

Not all health insurance brokers offer a free service. If they do charge a fee, then this must be disclosed up front. Health Insurance brokers are usually paid a percentage commission on the business they place with an insurer. This will not make your policy more expensive and often brokers have access to competitive prices due to the volume of business they place.

Not all brokers work the same and some may in fact try to place you with an insurer they have the highest commission arrangement with. To avoid this, choose a health insurance broker like Healthcare Clarity that focuses on providing advice (advisory) and not getting a sale.