What is the difference between advised and non-advised sales?

To help you get the best advice when taking out private medical insurance, it is good to understand the difference between advised and non-advised sales.

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Advised vs non-advised sales

An ‘advised’ sale means that your policy will have been recommended to you by an adviser who has explained why they feel the policy is best for you, after assessing your individual demands and needs.

A ‘non-advised’ sale means you are given information about the policy. Therefore, the sales agent can’t offer advice on what they feel is best for you. 

If you go direct to an insurer to purchase health insurance be mindful that the sales teams could be non-advised and can only give you information about policies they sell.


Using an advised broker allows you to be sure that the health insurance you are purchasing is going to cover your concerns. The adviser has a duty to listen to your needs and offer a suitable option. Meaning no nasty surprises if you need to claim.

At Healthcare Clarity not only will we tailor your health insurance to meet your needs, we will talk you through all the benefits and features and make sure you know exactly what you are buying and why. If you are offered a different policy elsewhere that is better for you we will tell you to take it, provided it is the best advice for you.

Check your adviser is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), as this will give you additional peace of mind that if you are mis-sold a policy your adviser can be held accountable.

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