Which is the best health insurer?

When taking out private medical insurance there is no doubt you will want to go with an insurer you can trust. There is no ‘one size fits all’ insurer who is best for every individual. Each insurer has their own pro’s and con’s and one may better suit you than another. As a result, we firmly believe that it is important to speak to an advisory broker when trying to find the best insurer for you.
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Is there a best health insurance provider?

A common question we are asked is “which is the best health insurer?”. There is not a straight forward answer to this question. The best insurer will depend entirely on your individual circumstances. Every provider is different and have their own underwriting criteria. Your underwriting is of great importance as this will determine what you are and aren’t covered for. Read our guide for a better understanding on medical insurance underwriting.

Insurers also offer different cover levels for; out-patient consultations, diagnostic tests and scans, policy excess, cancer cover, no claims discount etc. Options that ultimately combine to tailor your individual health insurance policy. Therefore, there will be a best health insurer out there for you but unfortunately you will not find the answer by looking at a list on a website.

The most beneficial thing you can do is get in touch with a specialist advisory broker. They will be able to not only compare the pros and cons of an insurer, but they will also be able to advise on cover options best suited to your needs.